Cambridge IGCSE: How IGCSE Curriculum Can Benefit Your Child?

The New technology and the electronic independence provided by it have crept into the remotest corners of the world. The rate of growth of technological advancements far exceeds the limits of our imagination. The education of today should equip students to adapt to change and learn to unlearn and relearn. The skills and learning behaviors required to successfully tackle imminent challenges in this world of growing uncertainty include:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration which transcends geographical boundaries and embraces different cultures
  • Flexibility and nimbleness
  • Effective communication skills- written and oral
  • Ability to analyse and assess information
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Multilingualism

The IGCSE Curriculum (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or ICE (International Certificate in Education) Curriculum offered by the Cambridge Assessment International Education is designed to arm students with the requisite skill sets for the future. It is for this reason that it has been adopted by over 10,000 learners across 160 countries. While having the international flavor and incorporating international best practices, it is flexible and can be adapted to learner’s requirements based on local needs, culture and ethos. It is accepted worldwide by schools and colleges, providing international opportunities to students. Transnational character of the program paves the way for international understanding, economic and environmental sustainability.

The curriculum is structured to encourage learners to come up with new ideas and resources. The teachers need to provide the foundation of the syllabus while students are expected to analyse the subject matter to develop a better understanding of the same rather than getting lost in rote memorization.

We know that the method of assessments also decides the methodology of teaching. The assessment practicesof IGCSE/ICE curriculum check skills such as problem-solving, time-management, practical and oral, initiative and application knowledge, and understanding of the learner. This promotes development of higher order thinking skills in students.

IGCSE English builds proficiency in English as not only as a language for communication but also for bulds skills for reflection, analysis and evaluation of text. IGCSE students are allowed to skip TOEFL and IELTS test of several universities which are otherwise mandatory for other curricula students.

IGCSE curriculum plays the dual role of instilling cultural awareness simultaneously with ability to view the global issues with local lens. The inquiry based and exploratory approach helps in developing the requisite 21st century skills.




  1. Can you please clarify on whether it will be beneficial to students wanting to pursue higher education in India itself?

    1. Will they have any issues taking up NEET/IIT JEE or similar exams?
    2. Is the syllabus comparable to CBSE/ICSE/State school boards?
    3. One issue I have come across is that the IGCSE exams for 10th and 12th occurs much later than CBSE/state boards, leading to IGCSE students missing out on a year as their results will not be available by the time the entrance exams like NEET/IIT JEE etc are announced. Is this true?

    • Sir,

      Here are the clarifications for each of your queries –
      1. Not at all
      2. Yes it is at par, in fact even better – since the students are taught to internalize concepts through critical thinking. This equips the students to appear for any competitive exam.
      3. For Indian students, IGCSE exams are held in March as well (apart from June series) and get over by mid-March, just like the other boards. Hence, taking admission is not an issue.

      We hope this clarifies your queries. Should you require more information, please feel free to seek an appointment with our team of counselors by contacting them on the following numbers – 91 40 2970 6844 / 2970 6845 / 2970 7855 / 2970 7856

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